One of our members recently had a question regarding how to sell website domain names which she had bought in the past, but no longer wanted to use. We asked industry expert Dickie Armour for his advice.



“I own a number of ‘horsey’ domain names – goes back to the days when I thought I might be an equine IT queen (but became a broke horse breeder instead.)  Any idea of where I could sell them?”

Domain names include:



Dickie Armour is an expert on buying and selling domain names. He says this…

You could try where you can list your domains for sale.

The other thing that can work is using social media especially Twitter.
If you use the hashtag #domains and #domainnames quite a few domain name investors watch for those. And you could do a tweet for each domain name.

But it’s never that easy to sell a domain name – all about being there at the right time.
The other thing I would do is contact all the online horse websites – you might be able to sell a few of your domains to them. They won’t be online looking, but if presented with a great domain they might go for it!


If you would like to buy one of the domain names mentioned above, please contact Janet by email: janetgeorge AT

About The Expert

Dickie Armour

Dickie Armour

Internet Evangelist & Business Specialist

I am General Manager of Fibranet Services Ltd and have been involved in the group directly and indirectly since 1999. I have over thirteen years experience of running Internet based businesses predominately based around domain name registration, software and web development and web hosting.

In August 2012 we launched My Brand Email. It’s a service which allows big brands to sell email addresses to their fans and supporters., and in May 2011 I became a Non-Executive Director of Nominet, the central Registry for all .uk domain names.

Find out more about me by visiting my website here

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