This Pinterest checklist will help you create a Pinterest profile that will target the right customer for your product. Millions of people use Pinterest which means that there are billions of pins out there, making it harder than ever to stand out and beat your competitors. By following the steps below you can create a following of relevant people who are actively interested in your product, which should lead to an increase in sales and traffic to your website!

Profile Information

We’ll start with your profile as this is the first thing you create. It may seem simple enough, but it’s very important to get this stage right.

You should already have an idea of what your core keywords are, and what phrases trigger your results. Once you know the keywords you want to rank for, you need to start implementing them in as many places as possible. Plug them into your profile description as much as you can; only use each keyword once but use as many different ones as you can within the character limit. It must still make sense though but you can get creative and get loads in without it sounding spammy…

Pinterest Profile SEO


Board Names

Your Pinterest board name has the same effect as a title tag on a website. Steer clear from wacky board names & make sure your board name features the keyword you want to rank for, at the start of the name.

The best way to figure out the names of your boards is to start typing a keyword into the search bar at the top. In this example we will be using Pickstones Leather Care which is a balm to clean and condition leather. We would type in leather care into the search, and then Pinterest will bring up the top keywords and searches that’s related to leather care.

Pinterest Board Names

Using this data we would then create boards called ‘leather care furniture’ ‘leather care boots’ and ‘leather care diy’. From the screenshot you will also see the names of similar pinners (who will be competitors) as well as the names of other boards that are ranking for the keyword leather care. Run a few of these keyword searches to get inspiration for your board names – the more the merrier!


Board Description

This needs to be a keyword rich description of your board. It needs to make sense to humans too and will show up in search engine descriptions so it needs to sell the click. This example here is perfect – they have the names of a variety of shoes, as well as the keyword ‘shoes’ showing more than once, making it more than likely to show up in the search results.

Pinterest SEO


Pin Descriptions

This is what you need to focus on. When users repin your content they don’t tend to edit the description of the pin. This means that you need to make sure it’s user friendly and not spammy. At the same time you want to include as many of your keywords as possible so that it shows up in search results, but it all must make sense in a way that sells the pin and makes it more appealing. Pinterest is what people use to imagine their future selves so bring them into the pin and show them what they can have using an imaginative, flowing and specific description. It really can be as long as you like!

Take note that Pinterest does not take into account hashtags so putting these in your description will not help your efforts!


Pin Content

You can analyse the most popular pins for your keyword by using the following formula:

site: “keyword”

We tried it with the keyword ‘leather care’ and this is what came up.

Pinterest SEO

You can then click through the links and see what your competitors are pinning, and see which pins show up at the top of the search for that keyword. You can then use that for getting inspiration for your pins and the kind of content that users share and like.


Website Images

Finally it’s important to make sure the images on your website have keyword rich alt tags added for your own website SEO purposes, but it’s equally important for Pinterest too because the alt tags become the default pin description when someone pins from your site to their Pinterest profile.



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