Feeling stressed about coming up with social media content ideas for December?

Worried about the drop in reach of your Instagram posts?

Determined to get to grips with consistent social media posting before the year is out?

Then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a month long Instagram challenge for you.  Starting on the 1st December, join other equine business owners to post, engage and connect on Instagram.  Taking part is simple – each day you have an equine business themed prompt for a post.  Choose an image, post it on your Instagram feed and include the official challenge hashtag #EquineBizChallenge

To get the maximum from the challenge, look out for other EBA members who are participating by searching for the #EquineBizChallenge.   Engage on their posts with a like or a comment, give them a follow, maybe even drop them a direct message to say hi. 

We start on the 1st December but if you’d like to get a head start right now and know what the daily themes are so you can start planning then sign up below.  Plus everyone who signs up for the challenge will get a list of the ultimate horsey hashtags, an invitation to a free live training masterclass & a couple of other surprises…

Sign up now to take part


Is this only for Instagram?

Whilst we’re focusing on Instagram, there’s nothing stopping you using the content prompts and challenge hashtag on other social channels such as your Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn.  

Are you really expecting me to be on Instagram on Christmas Day?

No! The idea behind this challenge is to get you planning and scheduling your Instagram posts in advance.  If you want to spend time on Instagram over the festive season, you can focus on engagement instead of scrabbling around to post each day.  This way you’ll get better results and less stress.  

What if I already have sales posts scheduled for December?

If you’ve already got content scheduled then you have a couple of choices:  1) You can post a second post on each day to take part in the challenge or 2) You can use the challenge posts to fill in the gaps on days where you don’t have any content scheduled.  

I’m new to Instagram - will this help?

Definitely! This challenge is the perfect way to get started with Instagram, get consistent with your posting, build your following and get engaging with other equine businesses.  

I’m an Instagram pro - is this still relevant for me?

Absolutely! Use this challenge to focus on stepping up your engagement. It’s the perfect opportunity to network with other equine businesses, build relationships and develop collaborations.   

Who are you & why are you running this?

This challenge is being led by me, Christina Jones, founder of the Equine Business Association.  I run a Facebook partner ad agency and am a Facebook Share To Connect official ambassador. This means that I learn the latest strategies for Facebook & Instagram directly from Facebook, in person, at Facebook headquarters.  So you are getting first hand, up to date information, not what I’ve read on someone else’s blog or from a course I’ve taken.

HOWEVER, I am not a social media guru, my “day job” is managing a team of people, a global roster of clients and specialising deeply in Facebook ads.  

So why am I running this challenge?  Two reasons. 

The first is that it’s a great way for the EBA community to get to know each other better, whilst improving their Instagram engagement and getting more results from the time they are investing on the platform. 

The second is that I don’t do social media posts for others for a living.  So just like you, creating social content is something that has to be fitted in around everything else in my business, so I’ve got a system to make it as fast & efficient as possible and make it easy for a team member, virtual assistant or intern to help you.  

How much does this cost?

It’s totally free of charge to take part.  

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