Struggling to afford the cost of hiring a professional film crew to make an advert for your equine business? Turns out you might already have access to an expert film maker, you just didn’t know about it until now…

Welcome to the world of horse film makers, as pioneered by Visit Lex, the tourism board for Lexington, Kentucky who worked with local ad agency Cornett to make a series of ads promoting the area as the horse capital of the world.  All the ads were filmed by strapping cameras to the horses & leaving them to do their thing.

“While the idea was funny, it was also very doable and on-brand,” especially for a region with about 400 horse farms, says Cornett agency creative chief Whit Hiler.

“We found a harness that was meant for a dog and it just so happened to fit perfectly on a horse’s head,” he adds. “We didn’t really know what to expect going into this. Would it work? Would the footage be usable or too shaky? I think the most unexpected thing that happened was that it did work. We were able to make fun commercials that were actually filmed by horses. There are now commercials in the wild that have horses listed as the videographers in the credits.”

Here’s a bit more about how the ads were made.

Are you feeling inspired to put your own horses to work for your business? Might help pay off those feed & vet bills!

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