Marketing strategist & consumer psychology expert Emma D’Arcy talks to us about knowing and understanding your customers in this short video, something she will be going over in fuller detail next week in the members training (16th June), so for an insight into what the training webinar will be about, check out her video below.

Knowing and understanding your customers is vital for the success of your business. You have to make sure you know as much about them as possible so that you can determine their buying behaviour and what makes them more/less likely to purchase your product. Emma says that you must think about:

  • What your customer’s goals are
  • What will they gain from your product/service?
  • How your product/service will add value and change their lives?

In order to do this you must look at it from your customers perspective, which is impossible if you don’t know how they think and act. You can find this out through a variety of methods…

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook insights
  • Analysing the posts they click on, read, ignore and share
  • Market research through government bodies, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

It’s vital you know and understand their actions as this will help you tailor your marketing to their needs, and provide them with a service they want and need.

Sign up for Emma’s webinar here, and join usĀ on the 16th June at 7pm for a more detailed understanding of how consumer psychology plays a role in your marketing and how you can answer the questions above.

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