Capitalise On Black Friday In Your Equine Business

If you’ve not decided yet on how to capitalise on one of the busiest shopping days of the year to promote your equine business, here’s 5 easy promotional ideas for Black Friday Sales, with some of the pros and cons of each.  Although it’s product based businesses like saddleries that tend to focus on Black Friday deals, there’s no reason why almost all of these ideas can’t be adapted for a service business like a horse physio or riding instructor.


Run a sale thats only available to people on your email list giving them access to a hidden sales section on your site or an exclusive discount coupon. 

+ Rewards loyalty & encourages repeat purchases 
+ Doesnt prevent new customers purchasing at full price 
+ Keeps an exclusive upmarket feel rather than supermarket style price slashing 
+ Can be used to build your email list in the weeks preceding the sale

  Reduces your potential customer base for the sale 



+ Very attractive to consumers 
+ Can be staggered with the best discounts available early (e.g. 50% off midnight- 6am, 40% off 6am – 11am etc) to encourage fast purchase decisions

 – Can eat into profit margins.  If you cut prices by 10% you typically need to sell at least 20% more to make the same overall profit.



e.g. spend over £39 and receive a free bag of horse treats worth £4.99 

+  Can have a high perceived value to the consumer without costing you too much 
+ Great for increasing the average order value in your store 
+ Ideal way to move slow lines or old stock 

 – Can be logistically challenging if your website software doesn’t have the ability to automatically run this offer 
– Requires careful prediction of stock required for the freebie or you risk disappointing customers 


+ Very simple to administer & can encourage existing customers to shop with you again 

 Unlikely to make much impact amongst the heavy discounting of other retailers on Black Friday 



 e.g spend over £50 and get a £10 gift voucher 

+ Applies the discount to a future order so preserves margin on the first order whilst encouraging reorders.   

 Labour intensive to administer the vouchers


BLACK FRIDAY  24th November
CYBER MONDAY  27th November

Christina Jones

Christina Jones

Founder, Equine Business Association

Christina is the founder of the Equine Business Association.  As MD of Blacktype Digital, a digital marketing agency, she's the geekiest horse person you're likely to come across.  She's been in the horse business for over 17 years and also has an equine ecommerce store.  A dressage addict, she spends her time outside of work slaving for her two british bred sport horses, at horse shows or drinking gin.  

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